Maximum feel and control Easy maintenance and low weight FG / AG-sole for use on turf & amp; Artificial grass Best stability during sprints and direction changes maximum ball control ACE 16.1 FG / AG Soccer Cleat Kids Be the Difference - Make the difference in the square and lead your team against any opponent the decisive goal. With the ACE 16 you will enjoy a maximum of ball control and bring your playmaker qualities on the pitch when it matters. The innovative Synthetic upper offers you thanks to its flexibility a compelling fit and an excellent feeling. Thanks to the special structure, you can better control the ball. The wide cut fit you also guarantees a cracking comfort and helps you as a great performance on the court. The FG / AG cam combination was specifically designed for traction on natural and artificial grass outsole. Firm Ground (FG) Gender: Boys, Girls Material: Synthetic / Textile sport: Football