Maximum feel and control FG / AG-sole for use on turf & amp; Artificial grass Excellent fit thanks to innovative design Ideal for quick turns and sprints Light outsole for added speed ACE 16+ Primeknit FG / AG Limited Football Boot Children Your Moves are feared and absolutely unpredictable - with the ACE 16+ Primeknit you have at any time the absolute control of the game, ball and opponent and show what you're made each. The knitted Primeknit Upper you, thanks to its flexibility a compelling fit and an excellent feel and ball control. thanks processed Lycra yarns The innovative tongue guarantees exceptional adaptability and hence maximum grip. The integrated Sprint Frame gives the shoe the necessary stability to even in dynamic sprints and sudden changes of direction to retain full control. The FG / AG cams have been designed specifically for use on natural grass or artificial turf and ensure full traction outsole. Firm Ground (FG) Gender: Boys, Girls Material: Synthetic / textile sport: Football